Monday, 28 January 2013

Always be my DD :)

 He's the one person who hugs me & I never want to let go;
 the one person i can tell everything to,
 with no hesitations; the one person who I haven't seen for months; 
but nothing changes at all. 
The one person who gives to me more than I give to him; 
the only person who can cheer me up in my saddest days;
 the one person that truly understands who I am;
 the person I cry about with no regrets; the one person I get mad at, cry to,
 laugh with and scream at, comfortably, for all the wrong reasons; 
the person i can never get enough of, 
my every minute of every day; 
the person in my photographs that have light genuinely shining through his eyes & his smile; 
the person i live for & the person i can't live without; the only person i truly loved; 
still the only one person who takes my breathe away.

Dzamir Irwan, please.. Always be my DD!