Friday, 4 April 2014

Happy 21st DD!

First of all,
Click here, let's sing you a birthday song!

HAHAHHA! Do you like it? 
I rarely do these stuffs, yelahh nak kena focus gegunting and do this and that. Penat tauuu! Tapi demi DD,  Sanggup skip assignment kejap to prepare semua ni just to celebrate you for your special day. Just to grab your smile and to make you feel loved. I hope it's working! Smile please.
This is my hand made card. Err, it's not look like a card though. make sure you put it on your wall okay?
And this is my own designed pencil box for you! I hope you love it.
I know you and air kosong never been apart, so i choose to give you this BROS punya botol air. it looks cool kan? Simple much and make sure you drink well every day just to keep u fresh and tak sleepy dlm kelas :) Jgn lupa Bismillah before u drink!
As always, here is love letter from Kasih.
Here your parcel's look. Even kotak ni pun handmade tauuu! Dah abis special da laaa ni ha. Penat brain storming nak cari idea.
 Happy Birthday DD! It's 21 already. You've grown up and yeahhh.. Now u are becoming a big man. Watch the video, it's me wishing you. Check it out!

Andddd not to forget to thank you for your advanced surprise. This is so funny, birthday boy yg post parcel kat orang pulak. After i received this parcel, then we text. It so touched once i read this,

" There's a little girl who want that bag so much, so i bought it for her. Don't lose the receipt and the turn ticket. read them, i dont have any paper so i have to use them yesterday. Sorry if they are not proper enough. DD penat sangat, mula2 pergi TS cari kasut, then gi KL sentral.. Ingat nak pegi seremban, tapi awak kan kelas. Ingat nak suruh ponteng je, HAHAHHA tapi.. bila fikir balik, study tu kan penting. DD ingat haritu Kasih nak bag Vincci , DD cari laa butik tu rata rata. Da beli, DD cari post office pulak. Puas cari, sampai melecet kaki semua. Demi Kasih, it's okay. DD taknak Kasih marah DD je, DD nak Kasih happy. Kasih suka sangat bag tu kan, DD belikanlaa. Sebab tu DD tak kasi awak beli, simpan duit tuu sebab DD yg nak belikan. Untuk Kasih je."
*lap airmata*
Thanks DD for this, sayang DD juta juta sampai bila bila. Once again, selamat menjadi seorang yg dewasa :)


  1. wish all the happiness for both of you. ;)

    1. Thanks brother. I pray for your better life too. All the best ;)