Saturday, 24 May 2014

For the last time and forever.

I’m so sorry.
After all, I just realize that I couldn’t find any better guy than you
Well said, sometimes im caught with our past moments yg rasa takpuas hati.
And I keep bring it on.
Then, out of sudden we are fighting.
Pung pang pung pang! *lap airmata* Blab la bla *srot hingus* Awak, saya, awak, saya *lap airmata*
I know, ive hurt you. A lot.
Mohon jangan tumbuk dinding lagi.
Tangan awak tak salah.
Saya yang buat awak sakit, biar saya yg rawat balik.
Mungkin basi dengan ayat “I’m sorry, nanti tak buat lagi.”
Tapi sayang,
For the last time and forever.
Now, im trying my best.
To not come out with those words anymore.
Bukan saya ego nak mintak maaf.
Tapi, saya cuba untuk buat sy tak ada benda yang nak dimaafkan dah.
After years, I know you have been so strong for me.
All this while, I know you are struggling to be the best for me.
And I still remember your request,
“I just wanna love you, janganlah susahkan sy nak sayang awak.”
“nak rasa sayang je, taknak ada perasaan lain.”
And your dream.
“Before kita nikah, sy nak betulkan agama sy. Bawak awak sama2. Sy ni bakal lead awk. Sy nakkan yg terbaik utk future kita, utk anak-anak nanti. “
“sy taknak anak-anak sy ikut perangai buruk sy.”
And I know. One thing.
I cannot go away from you.
“Awak mampu ke nak pergi ?”
Tak. Tak mampu. Tak pernah. Takkan.
Because the one I would always love till forever ends,
Would always be,

Muhamad Dzamir Irwan Abdul Rahman.

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