Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Everyone you trust, everyone you think you can count on will eventually disappoint you. People lie, keep secrets and disappear but you have to move on. No sense in dwelling on the things you cannot change. In a simpler words, i have learned that we should really know who are going to be the real ones to always be with us. To really support and accept us. None of them should be a backstabber . I'm done with over thinking about those who never appreciate me around. I've been so noob, so sincere and so care with the term of "friendship" upon some people. And now i'm free. i've learned to get myself away from those people who would get me miserable and weak. I've so many important things and beloved ones to be taken care of rather than focusing on what, why, how and bla bla bla upon unimportant people who keep pointing their finger on my weaknesses or bad. Pity much, they forget to check out upon themselves. And yeah, they are typical people who are such a coward to explain and face me directly to tell me what's going on, what are the matters. i'm tired to always be the one who come fast to say "Sorry, what's wrong? If i'm doing wrong, i'm sorry. Can we talk?" and with those hypocrite answers, "Nothing." or "I'm fine." Pftt. Ego much? Hmmm --" They basically spread out their disappointments and feelings to those social networks or start to gather a gang to keep stalking or talking bad about others rather than having a proper sit and talk as friends should do. I don't talk about you before. I always think that everyone is sincere to be with me, and that's my stupid thing i do. I don't judge people in negative way, at first. But then, i don't know why they start to ruin everything silently and at the end everything is gone. What a life! HAHAHA Whatever, i dont give a damn at all. AT ALL. I don't compete. My life is just fine and i'm happy enough, Alhamdulillah. So you you you and you.. Please mind your own lives, stop being fake, stop befriend with me if you hate me, stop lying, stop spreading rumors to distract others on how bad i am, stop saying that you're good and im bad as you never be ALLAH, and please leave me. I'm tired. Really. Done.

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