Saturday, 13 December 2014


LOVE. We always heard about this one beautiful word. And i found this when i meet you, my forever Mr Perfect. 
Muhamad Dzamir Irwan bin Abdul Rahman.
I know.
It's not easy to face this long distance.
But then, i know we would always make it better.
By having you in my life, i learn many things about love. 
At the same time, Im trying to be better for all the areas of my life.
Thank you for loving me never ends.
Thanks for always be there.
Thanks for being the one and only.
Stay strong, till the day comes.

So what is love?
You and I, never be the same. We are difference. But then, the differences make us suit each other perfectly. And the way we accept each other shows the real love between us. Well, a big difference is, DD tak nsem, and I am the most beautiful girl alive in your whole life! *flip shawl*
HAHAHA! Look at this one! I know it shows how you feel when u would be the one being scolded, stand still listening to my potpetpotpet like 24/7 . I know you have been so strong, so patient when im mad even u didnt do anything. What to do, Kasih kan GARANG. Cubit nanti kalau degil.
Do u remember this? HAHAH i love it DD. You would always do sketching for us. Even if your drawing is like, hmmm.. But still, I love it! It is so adorable and i think is is cute much!

You get it? That's why I would mad at u if you forget to send me a goodnight wish. As we are being apart, virtual goodnight kisses and hugs and those sweet wishes are so good. I can sleep really well, dreaming of u.

DD, this. I would always try my best to alert with football match even if i never known what it is all about. It just me, trying to impress you. And yeah, i dont like reading. But as u love to read like crazy, i do try my best to finish the novel that you gave to me. I try hard for that. I really hope that u do love what i love, at least be supportive enough. Okay?

This is soooo not you -____- i pray hard that one day, you would be the one who say sorry first and do surrender instead of keep attacking me for a fight. Just please baby.

As always. We will fight. Like everyday. But here's how i feel whenever we are not okay. Because missing u is too mainstream and i cant stand the fight in a longer period of time T_T

Just say the best words that you can. Anything as long as they could make my day better. 

Have u? *wondering* DD selalu cakap that i'm comot, masam and tak cantik. Even if i act like i dont care, but it ruins my day. Really. You should encourage your girl to be fine. 

And yes, i know you are always be my strength. I hope that you do feel the same.

Thanks DD. I know. You have been struggling your best to make me happy. I know :') and i owe you a lot. Thanks!

AHAHA im sorry for jatuh motor and get some parut here and there. But i know they are not big deal at all. *sapu Bio Oil kat parut* or, thanks for adapting any changes. If i have ever changed.

And thanks for this too DD! Well, without your help, sometimes i would lack of idea to complete my assignments. And out of all, thanks for always be there to make me feel better whenever i feel down to face my other burdens around. ZZzz

Well, it's my hobby. Im so sorry for being so talkative till you have no time to interrupt. Sometimes. But it is a good thing dear, we share everything we do to each other.

Last but not least,
I love you.
Till Forever Ends.

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