Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Happy 22, Kasih

So i cried while reading this post by DD. I know i have been so bad. Well, suka paksa DD do this and that. Tak kasi DD macam2. Suka marah2 DD. Cakap DD bebukan sampai DD stress. Yet, I do thank you Allah for letting him stay and always sabar with all my bad bad bad behaviors. I hope we will survive for the upcoming years. DD, you mean a lot to me. Thank you :'(

"It has been almost 3 years now since I first met her. At first, I thought she's kinda bitchy and loud. I hate her for that particular reason. But, u can't really blame me 100% u know. The reason was relevant and well supported. Firstly, I saw her and her friends at the beach with some guys who probably were their classmates. And, adding salt to the wound, it was maghrib. It was MAGHRIB!!!!!!! Secondly, she would smile to every guy that she saw as if she's the prom queen or something. Just in case u're missing my point here, I repeat. SMILE TO EVERY GUY. GUY. GUY.GUY.GUY. Well that will surely get to ur head won't it? But then, there's something about her that I believe it's special. Unique. No, of course it's not about the obvious humongous sweat patches under her armpits. Something else. Hmmmm. Was it her beautiful smile? Was it sexy her eyes? Was it her crazy personality? Was it her small yet high pitched voice? Was it her fair skin? What was it I wonder...but then I talked to myself. Yeahhhh. It's not her. It's me. I think I'm crazy!!! Why on earth would I fall for her!? Indeed, it's now permanently verified that I'm mentally challenged. Yeah I'm crazy. Crazy for her. Addicted to her. Being spelled by her. I don't mind actually. I don't mind at all. To others, I'm silly. To her, I'm normal. To her, I'm myself. I won't exchange that for the wealth of the world. Not even a penny. Exaggerating? Yeah2 I know. Just suck it. Well that's how I thought of her at the first place. But then, she's not that bad. She's just shy to show herself to others. So she pretended to be someone else. A person that was not herself. Now, she has all grown up. Just by the age. No, just by the number. After all, she's still a silly girl who I would pinch her nose for making silly mistakes. To be honest, I don't really think she's grown up. To me, she's still a little girl that I would like to take care of for the rest of my life. 

Happy 22 years old sweetie. You'll always be my little girl."

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