Sunday, 6 December 2015

Many things happen

Wow, i think it's about months for not updating this old blog.
Everything happens so fast.
Many things happen.

I have completed my degree level!! *fireworks* Yayyy! Passed without any fails ok? *wink*
One of the kakaks, Kak Ita married already. Me? Masih jauh perjalanan hamba.
Yat, my last brother got married too. Heyyy heyy the only single lady in the house is still here *waving hand* Bila awak nak masuk meminang? Hiks
I got a job as a sale executive somewhere in Setapak, KL. To be frank, thats the worst job i have ever done becauseeeee it is really tiring, boring, and heartbreaking. I'm quit.
Right after that, now i get an offer for better job!! Alhamdulillah :') So, hello Encorp Berhad!

Soon, I will put an update for my first official job, a dream comes true, a better path, a brighter future. InshaAllah. Pray for success guys!

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