Sunday, 10 January 2016

A new year, a new life: Hello ENCORP

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I believe that this year is such a new wonderful year to all of us! Full with blessings and happiness. Amin! Soooo, im here to share my new start for 2016.

You know what? I'm working!! To be frank, this is my first official job after I finished my degree level. I think this is the biggest chance that i have ever got to move myself forward to get a better future. So where i am? Currently i'm working as a Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations Executive at Encorp Berhad (ENCORP) which is located at The Strand, Kota Damansara. So far, i'm truly fine and totally grateful to be put in this department.

Whats so exciting about my department? Firstly, it is because of my Boss, Mr Zamsari Jumani, the Head of Corporate Affairs and Investor Relation here. He is such a great motivation that make me moves forward to think better regarding to working world and the future. He is very humble and totally a great leader who always be open and close to all team members. I would love to be great as him like oneeeee fineeee day! Hehe. Oh yeah, i love my team. I got Kak Ina (Azlina) and Pauline as the super seniors as they are the senior executives in here. They are totally supportive and helpful. They really make me realizes how important a team should work! Then, I have En.Zul and Kak As, the executives. And not to forget, I got my sexy lady Joe (Joesephine), a cute sister Kak Tasha and a sweet Kak Rina that work for the front desk. Trust me, they are definitely superb and awesome. They accept me the way I am and help me a lot to enhance myself to be a good employee here. I am so thankful for meeting up these great team members.

Hmmm it is another one good thing that I got to find a room to stay which is located near to my office. I am staying at Tainia Apartment, just about 10 minutes walking to the office. I don't have any transports. I choose to not to because i believe that having a car at this early phase will burden me as i know i could not afford it. Yet. AHAHAH maybe oneeee fineee day. I will buy my dream car.

My office is just in front of the Strand Mall. I love to watch movies at the TGV Cinema here especially the midnight ones. The surrounding is very peaceful and i love it. So yeah, that's all for my first entry for 2016! Stay tune for my next stories , bye!

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