Saturday, 20 February 2016

Back to Twitter for 1 hour ONLY


HAHAHAHAHA do you believe it or not?
But it is true. I deactivated my Twitter on 2014 if im not mistaken. 
So since im too bored for being stuck on my bed for the whole weekend, I end up myself to sign up my new twitter. So yeah, I'm quite excited to be on Twitter after a long rest from being active in tweeting. I got to catch up my friends and my followers just turned up about 50 persons right after 1 hour i'm on Twitter.

Then i just texted my DD that I'm on Twitter.
Just asking for his permission to be on Twitter again. At first, he said "YES". 2 seconds later, he jumped out to say "NOOOOOOOO!" . Hurmmmmmm -___-

I tried to buy him by coming up with many good words that full with positivity. But he only stick to his decision. NO. He even reminded me that, he already told his friends to check up on me whether i still on Twitter or not. AHAHAH if i'm caught doing so, he will be mad *serious face*. 

So I asked why I cannot have a Twitter?
Here are the listed reasons:
-I might stalk his EX *muntah. you shouldnt have any EXs anyway!*
-I might be fighting with anonymous persons *i'm big girl, i dont fight*
-I might tweet any guys randomly *maybe*
-I might have many more haters *haters gonna hate bebeh*
-I might read those stupid info
-I might tweet a bad thing *then i'm a bad girl?*
-I might turn into dishonest to him
-I might cry again reading stupid tweets of backbiting friends

I admit it. Those are the things that caused me to deactivate my first Twitter. 
Soooooo, to be true and and always be his good girl, i deleted my Twitter right after 1 hour. BYE TWITTER!

Am i a good girl, DD? Please say YES, if not i'm gonna kick your flat ass. hahaha *wink*


Well, being a girlfriend. A lover. A future wife. Being obeyed to your partner, your future leader is a MUST. I knew it. Sometimes, it is hard to do so because..  we love what our partner dislikes. We got different interests and fortes. But, who am i? Do i have to be harsh and against his decisions?  Do you think that I'm stupid or such a loser for listening to him and to all his permission? Yes, I know that we are still not a husband and wife. Yet... I think, if I cant listen to him right now in this present time, how am i going to survive and listen to his words right after i got married? Right? 

It is an easy peasy concept to be applied. RESPECT. 

After years knowing him, he taught me a lot about respecting people and being a good girl. No one could ever know how stubborn i am, just to say sorry and admit my mistakes. How i'm against his words and make him mad like hell. HAHAH i remember your red eyes and those kerut di dahi when you are mad, DD! Stop it, i hate that face. 

So, to make it better.. I learn everyday and always to be good enough for this man. My own kind of dream guy since i was a little girl. Hmm.. I will always listen and follow what he says, what he asks, what he needs so eventually I know and realized.. Everything he tries to do is for my own good. Not for him anyway. He's not a KING CONTROL, he's a life teacher, a guider, a kind hearted one.

I dont know what should I do if this kinda guy left me alone. He did teach me a lot to be kind and respect others. I owe you many things, may Allah love you.

After all, am I a good girl, DD? 

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