Saturday, 13 February 2016

Your mama my future mama

Because I love your mama just how much i love my Mek.
And i adore her a lot.
The way she hugged me, she kissed my forehead and bambam cheeks, I fall for her like for a thousand times. Just by remember her touch, her motherly voice, her cute smile.. I just feel so calm and looking forward to be with her again.
Hey beautiful Mama,
Thanks for giving birth to this great guy for me.
I love him and i love you more.
so yeah,

Would you mind to let me to take care of him soon? I know I might not give the best as much as you care for him, but i promise you to love, to respect and to always cherish him everyday. I hope that this relationship would turn into a real one just too soon. Moga Allah, and both of you and both of parents give the greatest blessing for our next phase. InshaAllah.

Once again, thank you a lot Mama. Missing you already, Hafsah Ghazali.

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