Friday, 26 August 2016


One day during my lunch time, I got a surprised call from him. He asked me to come down at the office's entrance. Right after I reached at the door, then I see him standing and smiling big at me holding a bouquet of purple flowers! I was shocked and screamed out loud in the happiest me! And i ran to him, got that flowers! awhhh it was a real drama alive! I was so happy! Thank you DD for the surprise. Even just for 10 minutes seeing each other, everything was so perfect and I'm in love. HAHA he gave me purplish flowers cuz I'm wearing purple tudung on that day. Then I found a poem written on a piece of paper. HAHA so sweet!

O' sweet lavender,
The brightest purple of all the flowers, Just like your smile dear, It warms every heart even the vampires'.
O' sweet lavender,
Keep your tears away, The strongest wind cannot make you sway,
Cause I'm here,
I'm here to stay.

So I asked him what's the meaning of that poem.
He replied:

He I'm imagining you as lavender. A purple sweet scent flower. Underrated yet never forgotten. Just like you baby girl. You're sweet. You make me cards, surprises.. so I'm translating the beauty of lavender and compare it with you. Brightest means joyful. You are always happy and every time I see you smile, I feel loved. Deeply in love. So that's why I said it warms every heart even the vampires. Vampires dont have heart, even if they do they cold as ice. But, when they see you smile, even the dead that does not have any hearts would feel the love. Cause your love is strong and about the strong wind.. It means that every time we have problems, regarding us or even regarding that psycho girl, any problem.. They cannot break you, not even a sway from you. Nothing can affect you. And you dont have to cry anymore because if you worry about us, please don't. Because I'm here to stay.

Then I fall for you again and again. Thank you DD.

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