Wednesday, 28 December 2016

We are strangers, forever.


This one entry I dedicated to you.
I tried to be nice, for so so so many times ( all of my positive efforts are wasted).
I tried to befriend (which we will never be friends, everyone tells me that).
I tried to speak truthfully ( which was useless, you stabbed me back).
I tried to not be hated ( It never works).

Everything is wasted, useless and become worse, year by year.
After all the shits that you have thrown at me, all the rubbish tweets and comments or gossips, now I have come to this point. I wont deal anything with you anymore. I really hope that you would stop condemning me because you never ever have any chances to be me. You cant be me. We are different, for real.

I pray hard that you will live your life happily. May Allah bless you with your own life and relationship. And I hope you would understand if one day, we meet again, and I'm not talking or even glance at you.

We are now strangers. You choose this hatred path, you choose to be my forever enemy.
So, if your friends and your family are still hoping for me to lose, I think you are wrong.
I won't stop loving.
I won't stop being a happy me.
I won't stop living in my own Barbie world.
I won't quit.
You are no one in my life.
You are nothing to be so important to stuck in my head.

Don't come into my life anymore. I don't care if you are still bullshitting my names here and there because I live my life not to impress you, not to please you. Most importantly, I DON'T KNOW YOU AND I DON'T WANT TO.
 If you hate me, then go ahead. I won't stop you. I am truly tired and sick of you, girl. I have had enough. Go away from my life. Just go. We are now completely a stranger, stop looking at me and making me famous.
Have a great life ahead. I forgive all of your old threats towards me. Stop being jealous, I blocked you and your friends off so you won't struggle to hurt yourselves of seeing me being me. Just live your life to the fullest. Assalamualaikum :)

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