Friday, 23 November 2012

The superb IRAH :)

Well, again.. For this entry I wanna introduce another awesome friend of mine, IRAH!
Since Form One till now she stay still with me. Just too close. Maybe God has sent her to accompany me for this long life story.. How i appreciate this girl!
So many things that she knows bout me, and she really know who am I. Same goes to me then, I do know almost all the things bout her, her secrets, her crush! OppssS!.. Shhhhh~ hikk! Hikk!
And just like a true friend should do, she always be there for me whenever I need her the most. nothing much that I could say,

Irah, aku sayang munggg sangat! jangan tinggal aku! :( Kawan sampai mati..

Oh haaa! Malam tadi kannn~ kite kua date dgn Irahhh dkt Pizza Huuuuuuut tuuuu~ Suwit dak? Jeles letuuu~ kikikiki! Irah makan manyak gilaaa, padan muka! I sje je nak menambah belaaan lemak dkt badan you tuuu! Hahahha!

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