Sunday, 3 February 2013

I wanna grow old with you :")

Dear DD,
I wanna marry you!
Talk to you everyday!
Go everywhere with you!
Do help me with the house work 
I wanna sit with you
Be there for me whenever I'm not that OKAY.
Long Lasting Love. Yeah, everyone wants it. And me, honestly I want us to last. I just don't want to have a great couple of months with you and it's over. I dont want to experience the feeling of being lost and hurt. I just wanna be with you. No matter what happens, no matter what challenges or how hard our situation is, we will fight for US.

Miles mean nothing to how much i love you, the time apart is tolerable only because of how much you want me and need me and love me. You have nothing to owe me but the constant love you already give me. We have so much in life to look forward to and that is all is needed. All of lives adventures shared with one another, that's all.  And the only things i deserve from you that you have already given to me.
1) Your love 2) Your faithfulness 3) Your passion for me 4)Your companionship

Till forever end
I Trust you and I know you haven't done anything with anybody while you were away, i knew it. I'm with you and you would't let that go. Love me again, as always and everyday, i love you.
When we first met, neither of us would have guessed that through our friendship would grow so strong. Somewhere in the laughter grew a love like none I have ever imagined. then, I give you the key to my heart and i will tell the world someday that you have long held it.. I promise you that as long as I am able, I will love you for this will be forever and more. I will honor you, support you. If you walk into disaster, I will be with you, crying alongside to find strength with you, finding joy in you. I will face life's journey with you, living, learning and growing. I will be with you until there is no more to be explored. I will not promise you till death do us apart for I know that the love I have cannot fade with deaths bitter parting, nor can the memories we set out to create together so quickly be torn from my heart. I simply promise to love you for as long I am able. Yesterday, tomorrow and today.

Dd, I wanna grow old with you :')

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