Sunday, 16 June 2013

Those ayat gula batu buat aku pengsan.

i dont even care if im drowning for u dear. 
susah? never.
sy xpena rasa susah pun untuk awak
sy sanggup, sebab sy kesah.
i may not b a romantic guy to u but believe me when i say this,
im the guy who hope that one he can love as much as u love him even more
the guy dat kiss ur forehead in the morning n smile to u
saying dat he loves u so dearly much
he is.  forever will.
from stranger to lover.
from no one to someone.
from nothing to something.
guess what?
i want to be that stranger for without stranger i wont be ur lover
i want to be that no one for without no one i wont b ur someone
i want to be that nothing for without nothing i wont b ur something
i want to be dd for without him i will never ever find my kasih
people say that love is blind.
no it is not because all u need to have is those sparkling eyes to shine ur way,
my sparkling beautiful eyes
my kasih's eyes
forever mine
my way.

Copy paste from inbox Dzamir Irwan (DD)

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