Saturday, 14 February 2015

You are my sweet dream that comes true

Love ain't about how long we have known each other already, love ain't about how deep our conversation could be, love ain't about money, love ain't about memories, ain't about the time nor the distance. Love is ain't above how people might think about us, love. Well, love ain't about how many times you said it in a day. Love is all about us, just the two of us, what and how we feel inside, just between you and me. Love is about how we connect to each other through good and bad. Love is powerful, love is wonderful. Few years knowing you, sharing so many moments, lessons and togetherness.. Smiles, tears, hopes, laughter. Thanks for always having my back and walk beside me along the way, for growing up with me. Yes Dzamir Irwan, you are a beautiful man, also the best true friend. though moments weren't always perfect, but hey! nothing is perfect anyway. but it is perfect to know that you do love me as i do love you too. And i will never go away as we always promise to keep closer to one another even if the whole world against us. We have been too far, we would not go back to our horrible past times, we will survive and once the time comes, everything is gonna be okay. We will be safe, hold on and be strong. I will always be with you. 

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