Tuesday, 5 April 2016

DD turns 23

Yay! DD is one year older, you are now
I am so happy for this new age of you.
I am hoping that you can be a better man for me.
Nothing much i could say, i just want you to be happy for having me in your life these years.
And i am hoping for many years to come and survive with you.
I hope you always remember that i am here.
I just want you to be happy, i mean truly happy... and strong. 

On your 23rd Birthday,
I want you to know that i will always be your little clingy girl who will never get enough of your love. So you must deal with it, you have to stand with me for the rest of your life and you got no excuses. You must always say YES. hahaha i know you are a good boy, that's why i love you!!
I hope you receive your parcel and hopefully you like it. 
When you have a creative and awesome girlfriend, everything is DIY thing.

I love you, DD.

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