Thursday, 10 October 2013

Two years and keep counting, Till Forever End :)

Dear you,

Alhamdulillah.. Two years.  Here are some words to say.
I love you like I have never known love before
you have brought meaning into my life
you have shown me what true happiness feels like
And no matter how far you are right now
the pain I feel of missing you
is nothing compared to my love for you
and the love you have given me back
you are my heart and soul
you are my one true love
and I count my lucky starts
that we found each other
and I will count the minutes
until we can be together again.

No matter how far you will be
your love will still be strong inside of me
through the days that goes by
Knowing you love me and I'm sky high
even though the odds are so low
Its a distance I'm willing to go
throughout and beyond the distance we're apart
being so far away tears at my heart
even if it goes to the years
missing you puts me in tears
I don't give up and toss our love away
because I know our dream will come true some day.

Dzamir Irwan, thanks for everything.
May Allah keep us together, Till forever end. Amin.

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